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unleash the visual genius within

In a complex and uncertain world, the most valuable skill your students have is their ability to…


See your world clearly

VizLit is a catalyst for meaning making in schools. Through our work in the classroom to the boardroom, we unleash the visual genius within educators and students so they can see their world clearly.

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have better conversations

Leaders who draw help their teams make better decisions and help create a visual memory to increase comprehension of the topic by helping everyone maintain focus and feel included in the conversation.

Engage every student

Drawing is the means through which the contents of consciousness are made public. Drawing is an extension of thinking. Creating a visual explanation in combination with writing deepens learning and helps students master complex concepts and ideas.


Make sense of anything

Download the Visual Decoder, which is a proven framework to help you and your students make sense of any concept, problem, situation... anything! Unleash your visual genius!

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