Unlock your visual mind
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Our Mission

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Our mission is to unlock the visual mind in every learner.


We partner with educational leaders, instructional designers, and trainers to develop visual thinking skills, amplify important work through the power of visuals, and design visually impactful experiences.


Workshops + Courses

Learn to have better conversations by unlocking your visual thinking skills. Subscribe to our online courses, join an upcoming workshop, or partner with us to design a custom workshop for your community.

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Visual Toolkits

Turn your ideas and practice into a toolkit to amplify your work. We collaborate with education leaders and instructional designers to help codify thinking and practice into powerful visual tools and resources that make an impact.

visual experience design

Let us help you facilitate your next courageous, strategic, or important conversation. We design visual experiences to simplify complex problems, synthesize overwhelming data, and clarify important decisions.